By Jon Hunter

Did you know the entire Colorado Springs community is at risk of harm from unclean air?

Fortunately, there is a very easy solution that can be taken at your next fuel stop; look for the blue hose and fill your car’s tank with cleaner-burning, lower-emission E15/eblend gasoline, which is often labeled as an 86 octane mid-grade.

Colorado Corn, American Lung Association, and Kum & Go have teamed up for the Look for the Blue Hose campaign in Colorado Springs because our city has the highest number of E15/eblend pumps in the state.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved the use of E15/eblend in all gasoline passenger cars, SUVs and trucks made since the model year 2001.

If anything, E15/eblend may actually be better for your engine because it can burn cleaner, which means less build-up of gunk that can rob engine performance. Add E15/eblend to your car today – it will work absolutely fine with the gas that’s already in your tank.

At your next fill-up, look for the blue hose and make the cleaner choice: E15/eblend. For more information, and to find an E15/eblend station near you, check out the interactive map at Let’s work together to keep the COS air clean for everyone today and future generations.

Jon Hunter is the acting coordinator for Southern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition, which works to promote the use of cleaner fuels and improve the efficiency of transportation.