Why Fall Is the Best Time to Take an “Earth Kind” Drive in Colorado Springs

With travel being in flux during the pandemic, now is the perfect time to explore your own backyard. Colorado Springs is home to many abundant offerings for outdoor activities and hikes, all of which are especially beautiful during the fall months as the leaves begin to change color. Easiest way to see the top picturesque spots? Scenic drives! Exploring our backyard of Colorado Springs through a nice drive reminds us of how naturally beautiful our city is.

And that’s why it’s important for us to keep it that way by fueling our cars with E15 or eblend at local Kum & Go stations. As you log hundreds of miles along the stunning highways of Colorado Springs, E15/eblend reduces our carbon footprint because it is created with ethanol – a renewable, sustainable fuel made from grain corn. It burns cleaner than gasoline and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Visit Colorado Springs, there are five must-see scenic drives in the region:

  • For unique views of Pikes Peak, the Royal Gorge and Phantom Canyon, the Gold Belt Scenic Byway tops the list.
  • Tour through the “World’s Greatest Gold Camp” on the Golden Loop Historic Parkway to see historical mines and ghost towns.
  • To summit Pikes Peak without breaking a sweat, take the Pikes Peak Highway and enjoy the stunning views of Colorado Springs and the Rocky Mountains. Check out the gift shop and try the only donuts made above 14,000 feet.
  • Travel back to the early 1900s on Skyline Drive in Cañon City to experience the one-way, paved road to the razorback ridge for breathtaking views of the Royal Gorge and the Arkansas River Valley.
  • Considered a hidden gem of Colorado Springs, start at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to begin the Russell Tutt Scenic Highway through the Will Rodgers Shrine for views of the city below.

Be sure to take small steps like filling your tank with a higher blend of ethanol gasoline to make your trip more Earth-friendly and efficient. As the age-old saying goes “leave the hike cleaner than how you found it”, so let’s leave our Earth cleaner, too.

Check out VisitCOS.com for more information on activities in the area.